A lot of question how to look perfect in everything. In negotiations with a potential client you have to, isn’t it? It’s important to be properly dressed, the right shoes and the right glasses are important.
Believe me, if your elbows are open, it is very important that they are not stained, decorated with dark bruises.
You can either wear something with long sleeves but, I think, better to bleach your elbows. Here there is a choice of the best lightening creams, I believe they will all be suitable for bleaching elbows (however, knees and any other places)
Very often, excellent contracts are broken.
In my opinion – too often. And every time you think after the meeting, “What did I do wrong? What prevented me from signing this contract. What do I need to do so that the next time it does not end so badly?”
Often it is so small thing.

By the way, hyperpigmentation on the face – also does not contribute to the signing of a profitable contract.
So, go ahead!
I wish all your business great success!

Grill for my new home

Why today I want to talk about how to choose a grill?

Only when you get home, you start to wonder what kind of happiness it is. I want to buy everything at once so that life there will be not only joyful but also comfortable. And for this very comfort you need, it turns out, oh how much. The main thing with which all the “newborn” homeowners start, grill meat or vegetables on the grill. And this “instinct” is preserved forever. Some varieties of a grill are best used after all only in the street, that is, it is not very convenient and unsafe to use them in the house. In short, the choice of models for the home is extensive. I have an excellent site about best gas grills for you (and I’m going to buy just that) because I rejected the charcoal grill immediately.
I’m more likely to choose Broil King Imperial. Does anyone have a negative experience with this brand? Still, the price is not low, and I want to get something that suits me perfectly.

It looks like it suits my goals the best. I can have great parties.
I wait for your visit 🙂

Monitor, may be Samsung

The times when good monitors were an impermissible luxury long ago. Having carried out preliminary reconnaissance, I came to the conclusion that we lived to see that 24 displays do not buy anymore, and the bet should be made for 27 diagonals or even more. Next, I collected recommendations from friends about the brand of the monitor, and knowledgeable programmers about the technical characteristics. Everything converged on Samsung.
I do not know whether to take a monitor from the best 29 monitors (as it says here).
Now I think what kind of monitor it is worth to buy.
Do I need speakers in the monitor? Or is it worth taking the sound separately?
I will be happy with the advice of friends!

Backpack and Rain

You go this way from a meeting, satisfied, happy and then rain. Do not rain – downpour!
You get to the house, you change clothes, get your laptop out of the bag, climb with your feet on the sofa, turn on the laptop and then … boom. It does not turn on. Water has poured into it!
– *$*&^&*(**!
I do not want that much anymore.
So, I choose among the best waterproof laptop backpacks.
But something they do not seem attractive in appearance. I do not know what to do. I can not come to meetings with a terrible bag on my shoulders. But also to lose all data on the laptop because of natural disasters, too, do not want to.

I want to buy a bicycle

Hi, guys.
What a nice weather outside, isnt’t it? I do not know about you, but I’m so drawn to nature, somewhere. River, forest.
For this I want to buy some good beach cruiser.
The question is which one is better?
First of all, I am interested in reliability and convenience.
What else should I pay attention to? Obviously the frame should be for women. Has to be suited for height? Or is it not necessary?
I just understand that I want a blue color 🙂 And we’ll deal with everything else.

A good choice

.. or not 🙂
“It’s time for me to buy a hair iron, read reviews and make a choice,” – I thought about this and went to read forums and articles.
I would like to buy a good and reliable hair iron. So that he would go well with me and not damage my hair.
So many offers on the market that the choice to make is not so simple.
What cover?
What is the width?
Huff ..

While I stopped at this device.
What thoughts?
It seems that it can solve several problems at once, which is very good. Isn’t it?


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