A lot of question how to look perfect in everything. In negotiations with a potential client you have to, isn’t it? It’s important to be properly dressed, the right shoes and the right glasses are important.
Believe me, if your elbows are open, it is very important that they are not stained, decorated with dark bruises.
You can either wear something with long sleeves but, I think, better to bleach your elbows. Here there is a choice of the best lightening creams, I believe they will all be suitable for bleaching elbows (however, knees and any other places)
Very often, excellent contracts are broken.
In my opinion – too often. And every time you think after the meeting, “What did I do wrong? What prevented me from signing this contract. What do I need to do so that the next time it does not end so badly?”
Often it is so small thing.

By the way, hyperpigmentation on the face – also does not contribute to the signing of a profitable contract.
So, go ahead!
I wish all your business great success!

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